Is It Legal To Buy Purple Strain?

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Buying Purple Strain Seeds

Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 Depending on where you live the laws for marijuana seeds will differ drastically. If it’s not legal to buy marijuana seeds locally then you will have to buy them online. There are still places which have made […]


New Purple Power

Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 In the eighties purple cannabis strains were starting to become really popular. Most people would prefer to smoke purple strains over other strains but at the same time the purple cannabis strains ran into issues when growing […]


What are Purple Marijuana Strains?

Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 This group of strains consists of some of the most potent marijuana strains available. Purple strains are known for delivering marijuana smokers a unique taste and odor to their buds produced from purple strained cannabis seeds. Purple […]


Common Mistakes when Growing Purple Kush that You Should Avoid

Purple Kush is a popular strain of marijuana but despite of its popularity, many medical marijuana and Purple Kush growers repeat the same mistakes overtime. These common mistakes are not only applicable to Purple Kush growers since these mistakes are also done by any marijuana growers.

All of my purple Kush is in the same sized container. Is it okay?
No. making your Purple Kush in a same-size container during their growth is bad since you do not allow the roots to move freely and sip nutrients from the soil properly. Remember that for Purple Kush or any medical marijuana, the saying “one size fits all” is not true. The best thing to do is to transfer the plant when you feel that its roots are getting big.

I told my best friend, which happened to be my neighbor, that I grow Purple Kush?
Just make sure that your bestfriend is not a gossip monger. Many first-timer Purple Kush growers feel very proud of their achievement of planting the plant. It is a standard operation procedure not to tell anyone that you are growing marijuana, even the person is your bestfriend. Remember that you are a part of community and the news can spread around easily. Just keep in mind your privacy.

I lost track of the harvesting time. Will it do me harm?
Harm in a sense of life and death, certainly no. But you see, when you do not harvest your Purple Kush buds on its perfect time, all your efforts, time and money will be wasted. When you failed to harvest, you decrease the THC level and potency of the plant. The best thing for you to do is to be keen regarding the tracking of your Purple Kush growth and harvest.

I am scared that my Purple Kush will dry and die so I water them a plenty of times a day. Is it good?
Too much of something is bad. Do not and never over-water your marijuana plant if it is planted in soil. You might save them from drying but you can not save them from drowning. The solution for this is to feel the soil of your plant. If the soil is mushy and soft, it means it has a good enough of liquid but if it is muddy, you over-water your plant.

I fertilize my Purple Kush every time I water them. Will this make them healthy?
Same rule applies to the over-watering issue. never and do not over-fertilize your plant since too much nutrients will hinder the growth of your Purple Kush since it is receiving nutrients more than its body can.

Growing Purple Kush Indoors

Purple Kush is a marijuana strain that is formed by the hybrid of Hindu Kush with Purple Afghani. As a medical marijuana planter and grower, you don’t have to take or do the painful and tricky way of breeding two different varieties of marijuana plants since there is already Purple Kush plant or buds that are available in the market or you can grow your own from seeds. The question here is where to plant the Purple Kush.

Why choose indoor planting method for Purple Kush?
Planting your Purple Kush indoors provide you more safety than the outdoor method. Most medical marijuana growers prefer their marijuana plants to be sown indoors because it provides them good privacy and kept them away from the prying eyes of their neighborhood. Medical marijuana growers do not always have spacious lawns or garden, so the best way for them to plant is indoors. Also, growing plants indoors gives you a good control for the buds and foliage of your marijuana.

What is the best set-up for growing marijuana indoors?
There are plenty of choices concerning what set-up or method you will use when you decided to plant your Purple Kush indoors. There is the pot soil growing method (preferred by newbie planters) since the weeds are planted in an individual pot making the transfer faster and efficient. For the hustler and master of medical marijuana growers, they prefer the hydro growing method since it can hasten the development of Purple Kush as high as fifty percent. Also, the yield is higher making the harvest high due to the maximization of the hydro technique.

What to expect when growing marijuana plant indoors?
The good thing about Purple Kush is that it does not grow very high since it can only grow as high as two to three feet so you don’t need to put them in a room with high ceilings. Also, Second, do not panic when the plant changes from dark green to purple since it is a sign that the plant is ready for harvest.

Which among the two indoor method is the cheapest?
The pot soil growing method is the cheapest and most reasonable for beginner planters. But if you have much money, hydro growing method is the best since it will produce more yields.

Would it be better if I plant my Purple Kush indoors?
Honestly, it is a matter of preference that is dependent on your economic capability, need and space. Purple Kush are versatile that they can adapt to any of the mentioned method. What you should consider in growing is your available space, money and time for the growth of your Purple Kush.

Best growing tips for purple cannabis strains straight from the experts

What are Purple Cannabis Strains?

As the name suggests, these are medical cannabis that are apparently purple-colored. There is typical difference as to the appearance of the plants in the view of bare eyes. The difference lie on the cholorophyll content within their leaves. Gren colored medical pot, just like the typical plant that we grow contain chlorophyll that give them the coloring effect to green when they absorb unlight, whereas purple ones are those with abasence of chlorophyll that in tur leave the zanaphyll as their color giver. In effect, these contents make the medical pots purple.

Do they yield better than green medical weeds?
Truth is, green ones yield better. That is because of the sunlight they are able to absorb in their growing phase. Purple cannabis has 20% lesser THC content which you know give you the buzz. THC content best increase with enough sunlight. But Purple Medical pots are soothing to the eyes as they come in many flavors, scent and taste depending on their strains.

Tips on how to grow purple medical cannabis

Researches have led to many ways on how to make your medical cannabis turn to purple. But not all are recommended for you to try because most means involve meddling with your buds. The potency level of your medical marijuana might be reduced when you touch them on the buds so much. These are the tips by the experts on how to turn your medical marijuana purple.

• If your medical cannabis fall under the genetic of the purple ones. Simply dropping the temperature at night two weeks before harvest will eventually tuen them to purple.
• Use tested and proven to be safe nutrients in the supply store. Just remember the keywords: Proven and Tested. Do not try if you’re a beginner.
• Do not drop temperatures when your medical cannabis is at their flowering stage because it wil caused them stress. They turn to purple when they are stressed. Stressing them may result to lesser quality and yields.
• Dying your medical cannabis, like the florists do, is a no. Quit messing around with your buds, you’re going to make their quality lessen.
• Drop the temperatures at the most appropriate time. Before you plan to turn your medical cannabis to purple, plan when to harvest first so you can estimate the time when to apply your techniques.

Beginner’s guide to growing purple medical cannabis

Why do you need a guide?

As a beginner, you greatly necessitate a guide that will help you go over the growing process. Medical cannabis is a sophisticsted plant that needs so much attention and may need uch of your time. There are several considerations that you need to undertake as a beginner and it will be better if you have a manual to look at once in a while to help you assess if you’re going on the right track.
How should a beginner start in growing medical pots?
You can grow outdoors but it is more recommended to grow indoors as weather conditions will not be that favorable for you at times. There are more happenings that remain beyond your control such as climate change and temperature. For purple medical cannabis, you need a lot of intervention with the temperature to yield the color. Find a space. Most likely a closed room where you can control most of the conditions. Make sure that the space is big enough to properly ventilate your purple medical cannabis.

What other things should you consider in growing your purple medical marijuana?

As stated, medical cannabis need a lot of controlling to put the growing into the proper place. These are:

• Temperature. To turn your medical marijuana to purple, you need so much intervention in the room temperature. You have adjust it in the proper phase and timing.
• Accessibility to other people. No one should touch your bud except you unless circumstances may need to.
• Air conditions such as movement, quality and intensity. Turning the fan on can be your resort to turning your medical cannabis to purple.
• Carbon dioxide. This is a need of your medical pot for their metabolism.
• Lights, darkness and the cycle. Enough sunlight is your plants’ key to production of more food.
• Pests, molds and other diseases. Get rid of them as often as possible as they can ruin your medical marijuana.

What are the reminders in growing purple medical cannabis for a beginner?

First things first, purple medical marijuana are only pleasing to the eyes for their colors and a bit of improvement on their scent and taste. But if you test their potency level, they are 20% less than the green ones. Turning them to purple need extensive awareness and effort so if you are not very willing to give them your time then you should not consider growing them anyway. Purple medical cannabis, if not genetically purple, is not for the beginners. Advanced training and knowledge is a must because meddling with your buds and the plant after harvest might lead to reduction in its yield.

Assurance of quality in purchasing medical cannabis

Medical Weeds as medicines

The usage of medical cannabis by different patients stricken by different types of illnesses has been in the line since the mid-20th century. The medicinal effects of the plant undoubtedly lead to its popularity in the medical arena. For one, it has been used in nausea-related pains of the ancient times. The very basic reason why patients try smoking or perhaps eating medical pots is that they have no potential side effects, unlike some pharmaceutical products and medical cannabis are far more effective than the synthetic THC-filled pills sold in drug stores.
What should a buyer consider in purchasing medical weeds?

The art of buying a certain product goes the same for buying medical cannabis. There are several considerations one must undertake to be able to come up with a decision. The basic and utmost account a typical buyer deliberates is the price. If it falls to the price to the range of prices that you know, you tend to buy them in an instant. In the case of these medical pots, you have to be very specific and skeptic of the conditions of a good pot for sale.

• Refuse pesticides. Medical pots are prone to being infested by pests- be it indoors or not. If you’re buying one, make sure that the grower doesn’t use chemically-produced pesticides to kill them off. They better use natural ones such s as soaps and oils. You’re going to eat or smoke that so you are going to ingest the chemicals too. Do not let your medicine also be the reason for your illness.

• Go for dispensaries that are well-maintained. Caregivers should have techniques that can sterile the materials and the medical cannabis. There should be proper training for them. As a wise buyer, you have to know these as bacteria are anywhere.

• Look for medical marijuana that has labels explaining the practices the grower undertakes in order to produce them. Do not be get carried by the potency level. Remember there are more to just the yield you get.

• Always choose dispensaries which offer testing for the medical cannabis. You should ask for their testing for pesticides, microbiology testing and for potency. Also, make sure that they have positive results too. You are just a buyer. You were not really there when they grew them so you have to be skeptic about your medical pots.

Is It Legal To Buy Purple Strain?


Marijuana laws vary depending on what country, state, province, or city you are in. whether you can import marijuana seeds to your location legally or not will vary depending on your specific area. You will want to check the laws in your region to make sure you won’t be breaking any of them. However since you are going to be growing marijuana with these seeds, which is already illegal, most people are willing to be a little careless and ordering the cannabis seeds online.

Pros and Cons from Ordering Seeds Online

You can easily find purple strain seeds online and there are many reasons why this is a good investment whether you’re a new grower or an experienced grower. The main benefits from ordering your purple strain marijuana seeds online would be the wide selection and the fact that they are inexpensive.

If you do decide to buy purple strain marijuana seeds online you won’t have any legal issues. If your package happens to get seized by customs you will just receive a letter stating so. This is very rare with cannabis seeds though and most seed banks are more than willing to just send out a second package but this will vary by supplier

Buying Purple Strain Seeds


Depending on where you live the laws for marijuana seeds will differ drastically. If it’s not legal to buy marijuana seeds locally then you will have to buy them online. There are still places which have made it illegal to import cannabis seeds as well so you will either have to choose to follow the law or deal with a seed bank anyways. These seed banks are very discreet and whenever a package is seized only a letter from customs is sent.

Seed Banks

There are many companies which primarily provide their customers with cannabis seeds of a wide variety of marijuana strains. Any decent sized seed bank will supply some purple strains for sure and it shouldn’t be difficult to find a purple strain you want to buy from a reputable seed bank. It is important to make sure the seed bank you are dealing with is reputable though as you don’t want to get ripped off.

New Purple Power


In the eighties purple cannabis strains were starting to become really popular. Most people would prefer to smoke purple strains over other strains but at the same time the purple cannabis strains ran into issues when growing in northern Europe due to the climate.

New Purple Power

This particular marijuana strain is a lot easier to grow in a variety of climates. The new purple power strain can grow in cold and wet climates and the history of the strain includes Thai/Columbia ancestry. There is also relation between the new purple power strain and a much older Dutch Skunk strain.

The new purple power strain has a sweet/sour taste and is rather potent. You will get an energetic high when you smoke purple power and the buds are very dark purple in color once dried out properly. This strain is a great option for newer growers who want to make sure they can easily grow their cannabis plants in a somewhat difficult environment an even a great choice for those who have ideal growing conditions.

What are Purple Marijuana Strains?


This group of strains consists of some of the most potent marijuana strains available. Purple strains are known for delivering marijuana smokers a unique taste and odor to their buds produced from purple strained cannabis seeds. Purple strains are mostly sativa and are very well known for being potent and can contend with some of the more notorious marijuana strains.


There is a large list of strains available under the purple strain category. Each strain will hold certain qualities which make that specific strain a better choice. Deciding what characteristics are most important for your marijuana will make it easier to decide what strain to buy. Purple strains date back to a cross between Skunk #1 and Holland’s Hope. The various purple strains which have been created offer a strong odor and sweet and sour tasting bud with a mainly sativa high which leaves you energetic.

Purple Wreck

The Purple Wreck strain is a cross between Purple Urkel and Train Wreck. The result of this cross is a 60% Indica and 40% Indica combination purple strain which grows tremendously both indoors and outdoors. The Purple Wreck strain is definitely one of the best purple strains available to marijuana cultivators.

Purple Wreck

The Purple Wreck strain is an above average performer which reaches flowering about eight to nine weeks into growth. The plant will yield around average amount of bud but the buds are a lot larger and heavier just like Tran Wreck buds. Purple Wreck plants don’t grow very tall but the plant will reach flowering early in growth and the buds produced are definitely larger than those from most dope plants.

After the Purple Wreck plant starts the flowering stage the color of the buds will start to change to a shade of purple. Not all buds or plants may change color but the majority will for sure. The buds produced from this purple strain will have a strong and sweet fruity aroma. This is definitely a very enjoyable purple strain to grow and smoke for both beginners and experienced growers whether growing inside or outsider.